I’m an experienced and versatile researcher with a strong background in project management, content development, and teaching. I tell stories with data to help organizations make data-driven decisions to achieve their strategic goals. I love listening to the stories of others so I can better understand their perspectives and lived experiences. Before becoming a full-time researcher, I worked in higher education where I conducted research on student/faculty experiences with technology and space design, taught writing courses, and led professional development. In my current role as a researcher at EDUCAUSE, I manage and support research initiatives to assess higher education end users’ technology experiences and preferences. My love of learning and my passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion has inspired me to research issues related to accessibility and how technology and Universal Design for Learning principles can make digital environments more equitable spaces for all users.

When I’m not researching and writing, I’m usually traveling, listening to post-punk/synthwave music, walking my dog, practicing yoga, or knocking around Raleigh, NC, where I’m a big supporter of my hometown’s stellar local food and craft beer scene.