Learning Space Researcher. Writing Teacher. Traveler.

I have my PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media from NC State, where I also teach writing. As a teacher and an avid traveler, I’ve come to appreciate the power a place can have on our learning, work, and social interactions. I draw on the fields of communication, education, rhetoric, and cultural and humanistic geography to shed light on how we experience places based on our culture, gender identification, ethnicity, background, abilities, and learning styles.

As a learning space researcher, I use ethnographic methods to explore how spaces impact teaching, learning, communication, and community building. Ethnography allows me to listen as people describe their experience in places and spaces – whether it’s a library, museum, or city park – in order to identify how those areas impact their well being, happiness, and sense of belonging. I help organizations develop methods and conduct assessments of their spaces to make them more inclusive and engaging.

I also lead workshops on writing, active learning, and learning space research and design. While I specialize in college campus spaces, any space can be a learning space, especially with the 21st century technologies that increase our access to information, resources, and each other. When I’m not studying spaces or talking about them, I’m usually traveling to feed my wanderlust, or just finding a new corner of my own community in Raleigh.

See my Consulting page for more information about workshops and consultations. To learn more about my scholarship, please see my CV.