Here you’ll find a brief overview of my current and recent past projects related to learning spaces on higher ed campuses.

Greenlaw 101: The first Active Learning Hall at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Greenlaw 101 is a large-enrollment classroom that was redesigned from a traditional, stadium-seated lecture hall to a flexible, zoned active learning hall. I’m a member of a research team that designed research instruments and is analyzing data collected from students and teachers on their experience in this innovative space.
Flexible Writing Classrooms at NC State
I’ve conducted several ethnographic studies of the “flexible” writing classrooms in the First-Year Writing Program, which I helped design based on the active learning pedagogies considered best practices in Writing Studies. For my most recent publications on these spaces, see Publications.

My dissertation, Geographies of a Writing Space: The Study of a Flexible Composition Classroom, is an ethnographic study of the first “flex” classroom in the program. My committee members included Susan Miller-Cochran (chair), Chris Anson, Robert Beichner, Deanna Dannels, and Victoria Gallagher.

Informal Learning Spaces at NC State’s D.H. Hill Library
On this project, I collaborated with librarians to conduct a qualitative study of perceptions of informal learning spaces. Selected findings from my work were used by the team that planned several of the informal learning spaces at NC State’s award-winning James B. Hunt Jr. Library, which opened in January 2013.