Below is a sample of workshops, webinars, and academic presentations I’ve given. For a more comprehensive list, please see my CV.

Workshops & Webinars

  • Co-facilitator with Laura Giovanelli, Writing to Learn in the Active Learning Classroom, International Forum on Active Learning Classrooms, University of Minnesota, August 2017 (upcoming).
  • The Power of a Learning Space, NC State Libraries Learning Spaces & Services Departmental Retreat, May 2017.
  • Co-facilitator with Rebecca Frazee. Integrated Planning Process & Tools for a Flexible Learning Space Initiative, Academic Impressions, December 2016. Webinar.
  • Co-facilitator with Laura Giovanelli, New Spaces, New Opportunities, Professional Development Series at Wake Forest University’s Teaching & Learning Center, March 2016.
  • Building Sustainable, Flexible Learning Spaces Initiatives on Your Campus, Academic Impressions, June 2015. Webinar.
  • Co-facilitator with Paula Rosinski. Faculty Summer Writing Institute, Elon University, May 2015.
  • Co-presenter with Elliot Felix and Bonnie Sanborn. Connecting the Dots between Planning and Assessing Learning Spaces: Lessons Learned from the Field, Project Kaleidescope’s Learning Spaces Collaboratory, November 2014. Webinar.
  • Co-facilitator with Laura Giovanelli, Hacking the Classroom: Strategies for Creating a More Student-Centered Space. Presented at the Elon Teaching & Learning Conference, Elon, NC. August 2015.
  • Co-facilitator with Amanda Bemer, Russell Carpenter, Lauren Goldstein, Susan Miller-Cochran, and Elizabeth Monske. Designing Writing Spaces for the 21st Century Composition Student. Presented at the College Composition and Communication Conference, Las Vegas, NV. March 2013.

Conference Presentations

  • Co-presenter with Robert Henshaw and Andrea Reubens. “Zoned for Interaction: An Empirical Study of the University of North Carolina’s First Active Learning Hall.” International Forum on Active Learning Classrooms, Minneapolis, MN, August 2017 (upcoming).
  • Roundtable Presenter, Designing Spaces of Wonder: Related Perspectives on Pedagogy, Multimodality, and Technology Across Institutions. Computers & Writing, Findlay, OH, May 2017.
  • Keynote Speaker, Association of English Graduate Students, NC State. Title: Power Geometry & the Composition Classroom. April 2017 (invited).
  • Gierdowski, D.  Designing a Flexible Classroom for Teaching Writing. Presented at the National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms, Minneapolis, MN. August 2015.
  • Gierdowski, D. Comfortable But Out of Your Comfort Zone: Creating Risky and Rewarding Pedagogical and Material Safe Spaces in First-Year Composition. Presented at the College Composition and Communication Conference, Tampa, FL. March 2015,
  • Gierdowski, D., Reis, D., Rololazzo, S., and Zangmeister, D. MobileMaker: An Experiment with a Pop-Up Makerspace. Presented at the AcadeMAKE Conference, Greensboro, NC. Feb. 2015
  • Gierdowski, D. and Miller-Cochran, S. Diversified Design: Exploring Multilingual Responses to a Flexible Writing Classroom. Presented at the College Composition and Communication Conference, Indianapolis, IN. March 2014.
  • Gierdowski, D. De-Centering the Classroom: The Study of Flexible Classroom Design for Composition Students and Instructors. Presented at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Conference, Raleigh, NC. Oct. 2013.
  • Miller-Cochran, S. and Gierdowski, D. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Understanding and Mapping Preferences for Writing Classroom Design. Presented at the Critical Transitions Conferences: Writing and the Question of Transfer, Elon, NC. June 2013.
  • Gierdowski, D.  Learning from Library Spaces: Student Perceptions of Library Neighborhoods.  Presented at the Southeastern Writing Center Conference, Richmond, KY. February 2012.